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Refinement Plan Updates (04-12-19)

The project team has continued to work with business owners, stakeholders, and the Save Terrebonne Coalition (STC) to refine both the Preferred Couplet alternative and the STC 5-Lane alternative to provide an apples-to-apples comparison. The following enhancements have been made to both plans.

Preferred Couplet Alternative:

  • 10th Avenue frontage road extension and southern community intersection near Crescent Moon Ranch
  • 12th Street connection between “A” Avenue and “C” Avenue
  • On-street parking and truck loading areas along US 97 near business district
  • Full access interchange design at US 97/Lower Bridge Way

STC 5-Lane Alternative:

  • Revised full access interchange design at US 97/Lower Bridge Way
  • Conversion of 11th Street/US 97 to right-in/right-out movements

To see a brochure of the enhancements including a comparison of the two alternatives click HERE

Check out the concepts below!

Preferred Couplet Concept

STC 5-Lane Concept

To see the areas for potential landscaping and gate opportunities, click HERE

Posted April 13th, 2019

Preferred Plan Enhancements (02-14-19)

Check out the enhanced preferred alternative

Since the last public meeting, the Terrebonne Refinement Plan project team has continued to meet with stakeholders and property and business owners in the greater Terrebonne Community to better understand their concerns and ideas for enhancing the couplet plan, which is the preferred alternative. Based on this feedback, the project team has recommended the following enhancements to the Project Management Team:

  • 10th Avenue Frontage Road Extension and Southern Community Intersection – To better serve the properties and improve safety south of the Terrebonne commercial area, a new intersection with northbound and southbound left-turn lanes would be developed serving an extended 10th Avenue frontage road and Crescent Moon Ranch. See Modified South Portal Here

  • New 12th Street Connection between “A” and “C” Avenues – To provide local access to businesses and a continuous eastside north-south local street system (via 12th, 16th, and 13th , the existing irrigation canal will be capped with a new local street connection. See 12th Street (A to C Avenue) Here

  • Future Southerly Local Street Connection from “A” Avenue will be moved from 15th Street to 12th Street – This future low priority street connection will be relocated from 15th Street to 12th Street to take advantage of the New 12th Street Connection. See Local Street Connections Here

  • Central Avenue Improvements – To facilitate the u-turn movements at Central Avenue, the roadway will be upgraded and include curbs and sidewalks. See Central Avenue Here

  • Consider On-Street Parking and Truck Loading Areas along Northbound and Southbound US97 – The project team will coordinate with property owners to consider locations where potential on-street parking and loading may make sense during the final design process.
  • Posted February 14th, 2019

Stakeholder Outreach Update - 02/08/19

ODOT and the project team have met with various property owners, business owners, and neighborhood affiliates about the preferred couplet plan. Most recently the project team met members of the Crooked River Ranch Community. The PowerPoint presentation and comment card are provided below. You can provide comments on our "contact" page, or fill out the comment card below and email to

Crooked River Ranch HOA Meeting 02-06-19

Crooked River Ranch Comment Form 02-06-19

Posted February 8th, 2019

Stakeholder Outreach

What is ODOT up to now?

ODOT and the project team have begun one-on-one stakeholder meetings to identify concerns and needs of business owners, property owners, and key stakeholders. The primary purpose of this meeting is to share the preferred interchange plan and discuss alternatives to that plan and how they potentially impact businesses/properties.

Do you have thoughts on the preferred plan? Leave us comment!

Posted February 1st, 2019

Understanding Terrebonne Interchange Trade-offs & Impacts

Are you interested in learning more about the future interchange at US 97/Lower Bridge Way? Check out the flyer HERE to see the trade-offs and impacts of the preferred plan including why the recommendation was made to have indirect access to US 97 Northbound.

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Posted February 1st, 2019