Terrebonne Refinement Plan

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback throughout the Refinement Plan Process! Want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

Since the last public meeting, the Terrebonne Refinement Plan project team has continued to meet with stakeholders and property and business owners in the greater Terrebonne Community to better understand their concerns and ideas for enhancing the couplet plan, which is the preferred alternative. Based on this feedback, the project team has recommended several enhancements as shown HERE. Additional information about the enhancements can be found HERE

Interested in learning more about the preferred plan interchange in North Terrebonne?
Check out this brochure and let us know your thoughts by providing a comment!

Northern Interchange Brochure

What are the next steps?

The Project Management Team will gather input from the public and Advisory Committee and present a recommendation to the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners and the Oregon Transportation Commission. These dates are TBD. Visit the project website for updates related to upcoming documents and meetings.

The Terrebonne Refinement Plan is an opportunity to plan, design, and implement solutions to address a transportation need of local, regional and state signi´Čücance. Like most Oregon cities, the Terrebonne community is bisected by a State highway-- in this case US 97. As US 97 highway traffic volumes increase, it is more difficult for side street traffic to enter or cross the highway or for pedestrians to cross the highway safely. A critical concern for Terrebonne residents is to provide safe crossings of US 97, particularly for school children at B and C Avenues, as these roads provide direct access to the Terrebonne community school.

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